Introducing the secret weapon that you’ve been looking for your entire golfing career.

The Circuit Pro putter.

Think Billy Baroo but far more effective.


Putter HeadThis bespoke Scottish putter is actually made with redundant circuit boards laminated into a solid head, mallet-style putter head that has a sharp and responsive feel when impacting a golf ball. No two Circuit Pro Putters are the same because of the manufacturing process which makes them highly collectable by avid golfers seeking a way to get their ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Putter BoxThe design of the Circuit Pro Putter is customizable in that you can engrave a message or a name on the bottom. The putter comes with a somewhat rustic, leather grip, a plaid putter cover and is dressed in its own, easily wrappable box.

The Circuit Pro Putter is sold in very select golf course pro shops and even fewer global golf retailers as most players order their Club Pro Putter directly from the factory so that they can insure that they get every detail just the way that they want it before their first round with their new, favorite golf club.

The price of a Circuit Pro Putter is $499 U.S. Dollars and they waiting list is nearing six months. Used Circuit Pro Putters sell for more than $1,000 in the used market, specifically on sites like

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